Artists Statement

I refuse to be invisible. I am a 50 something woman, an artist and I paint. It’s what I do. There are people and objects out there that go unnoticed, I want to make you see them. Their everyday beauty that we take for granted, I want to elevate their status to portray them in a new light.

I painted a portrait of April, ‘Lady with Two Sticks’. She walks down my lane and she is noticed but we don’t really see her. April is beautiful. A face of a life lived, once a famous soprano now a little old lady.

I am a tireless people watcher. I look at people on trains, on the bus, on a screen and though I try not to stare, I am studying their skin tones, looking at their stray hairs, bulges, wrinkles, all the imperfections we have a tendency to hide. I’m questioning their lives. I measure the space between their nose and mouth, mix colours on the palette in my head and try to capture that tone or feeling even when I’m not painting.

I like to work in oil, pastel and watercolour, but oil is my favourite, it allows me to re-work an image. Recently I have become interested in Still life, how it can be a portrait, giving insights into someone’s life without them necessarily in it. I want to evoke an emotion, a wry smile, perhaps a tear, be playful, be serious, show love.

I’m a people person, they fascinate me and inspire me to create.

Painting for me is not just a joy, it’s a need.